In the quest to avoid injury and layoff, a physical therapist might be your best friend
Amanda Loudin and Terrell Johnson
And the next View From My Run photo contest
Terrell Johnson
Plus: Interested in a "View From Your Run" photo contest?
Terrell Johnson
Good Sunday morning, my friends! This week I bring you a (much) lighter issue, I’m afraid, as I’ve had a lot of family commitments over the past few da…
Terrell Johnson
Friday Live Chat: Ask Me Anything with running coach MK FlemingRunning coach Mary-Katherine Fleming of the Denver, Colo.-based Fitness Protection Program joins us today for our live discussion thread to answ…
Terrell Johnson
4 miles today, then 9 miles on Saturday
Terrell Johnson
'Starting a marathon by yourself is weird... when you're ready, you just go'; plus in-person races you might love in California, Colorado, Connecticut …
Carissa Liebowitz
4 miles today, 6 miles Wednesday + 4 miles Thursday
Terrell Johnson and Carissa Liebowitz
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